About the artist

bottle paint

Giuseppe Beppe Caliano is an artist born in Naples in 1947

Like many young people of his generation Giuseppe grew up in poverty living with his family on the meager income of his father, a town hall employee. Giuseppe grew up in the street and could have ended offender like many of his neighborhood friends most of whom are dead or incarcerated. He was lucky to have been raised in part by his grandparents and despite the good dishes of "Nonna" it's his grandfather who ran a small wood carving workshop his heart remembered forever. Giuseppe would run there after school to watch with wonder the old gentleman turning logs into different domestic objects. When the work was finished he still wanted to hear the story about Pinocchio and his Grandpa always told it to him. Thus the child entered the world of dreams and art.

paint couple

He often took the pencils left by his grandfather and spent long moments in a corner of the studio scribbling on greasy paper lying around. Sometimes the old man seing Giuseppe work cried loudly "Bravo!" in that specific Italian way. This is how a young man desparately crying at the old man's funeral escaped  the relentless misery of the street.

Giuseppe then studied at a small school academy where the director, son of his grandfather’s client, took him under his wing. Although much older, Mister Cesare maintained sincere friendship with his pupil to whom he gave advice, odd jobs and recommendations. A few years later he advised him to go to Rome to his friend, a newspaper publisher who was searching for a commercial artist.

There he quickly conquered a prominent position thanks to the quality of his work. His life was mainly dedicated to work, even at the maid's room he had found in the district "Trastevere" after the working day was finished. There the meals were almost as tasty as the ones cooked by Nonna!

Later he met other young men and one evening at a friend's place he met Jeanne, a French student in art history. It was love at first sight. Jeanne found the embodiment of Italian bel artist she was pursuing in her art books and he found the intelligence, charm and grace that only a French girl could have. At the end of the school year he moved  to Paris where Jeanne had to continue her studies and wide-eyed, he discovered  the city of lights!

He was now 21 years old and had the whole life ahead of him. Paris was seething with agitation. The Saint Germain neighborhood, Montparnasse, les Puces, everything was like a Magic Roundabout that he was discovering with delight. In 1968 Jeanne started to  follow courses at college and actively participate in strikes as there was considerable agitation in the air. Thus Giuseppe was asked to illustrate the demands of the students by drawing them. He soon made the acquaintance of the principal strike leaders and became one of them. The protests were growing and the matter soon reached a national twist. He met the greatest intellectuals, journalists and some politicians of this great nation. He spoke fluently French with a charming little Latin accent.